Barb’s Step Through Commuter


Commissioned by a husband for his wife as a ‘push present’ at the birth of their second child. The brief was for a commuter with decent geometry so as to be comfortable, yet efficient to ride and most importantly, a step through, as she’s Dutch. Racks, mudguards, disc brakes, dynamo front hub and internal geared rear hub were part of the fit out. They were interested in a Rapha inspired paint job and the island of Curaçao, where she was born (it’s off the coast of Venezuela).

Frame: Tig welded Columbus Zona with integrated head tube. Paragon rocker rear dropouts. Island of Curaçao set in the ocean as seat stay bridge and mudguard mount point.
Fork: Lugged Columbus Max with internal routing for the dynamo to light cable, disc brake mount.
Components: Shimano Alfine 8 speed disc brake group set. DT Swiss rims and spokes, SP PD8 Dynamo hub and SON LED head light. Ritchey handle bar, stem, seat post and saddle.



Will’s Single Speed


Will had had enough of his all carbon bling and wanted to make life awesome again. With a few parts from his semi-pro days I built him a simple and efficient single speed frame and matching fork for him to propel himself about the streets of the Central Coast in New South Wales. You might catch a glimpse of the wheels and a sock as he zips by…

Frame: Columbus Spirit, tig welded and fillet brazed, satin black powder coat.
Fork: Lugged, straight blades.
Components: Various



Lee’s Disc Braked, Coupled Tourer


Brief being that Lee wanted a bike to ride every day to and from work as her main mode of transport. She wanted to be able to carry panniers and liked the idea of being able to take it overseas on a trip.

As she might as been likely to end up in northern Mongolia as she would down at the shops, I chose a lugged construction as there are more blow torches than there are tig welders, so if there ever were a problem, it’d more than likely be able to be fixed. The lugs were done by hand due to the frame geometry required to suit Lee.

Frame: Columbus Spirit with S&S Couplers, hand made lugs, Paragon disc rear dropouts
Fork: 1 1/8″ steerer, 7 deg fork crown, Reynolds fork blades, disc brake tab.
Paint: Alfa Romeo Black by David at KMF. Paint has an embedded reflective particles for visibility on the streets at night.
Components: Sram X7, hand built wheels Mavic Open Pro rims, shimano hubs, Avid cable disc brakes, Thompson seat post etc



Stu’s single speed road bike


Brief being that Stu wanted a single speed road bike for commuting and flinging about the streets of Melbourne and surrounds.

Stu was a bike courier in a previous life so I had to think carefully about his riding style, his current fleet of bikes, and his future need and try and give him something he would love to ride, aesthetically as well as performance wise.

Frame: Columbus Spirit, Brushed stainless Steel lugs, Llewellyn track dropouts.
Fork: 1 1/8″ steerer, 7 deg fork crown in brushed stainless steel, Llewellyn brushed stainless steel dropouts.
Stem: Custom made.
Paint: Aston Martin British Racing Green by David at KMF
Components: Velocity Chucker Wheel set, Shimano Cranks, Vintage Shimano Dura Ace seat post (hope he realises how good that thing is), Ritchey saddle.



Rob’s Dirt Road Bike


Rob lives out in a country town and has a block of land not too far out with plenty of fire roads, native bush and single track. He has a dually mountain bike though was sick of trying to ride anywhere on it. A slick dirt road bike that he could ride a good distance on whatever the terrain and also take to a cyclocross meet if he moved to Melbourne.

Frame: Columbus Spirit with Taylor Carbon fibre cyclocross seat stay unit, Llewellyn lugs.
Fork: Enve Carbon Cyclocross 1 1/8″ steerer.
Paint: Antique Copper Powder Coat.
Components: Sram Red Groupset with compact cranks, Avid Cantilever Brakes, Enve handlebars and stem, Thompson seat post, Ritchey saddle.



James’s Road Bike


This was a gift to my brother for his 40th Birthday. He was given a certificate on the day, so he had some input into what he wanted, he wanted a road bike and of course he wanted stainless steel lugs.

Frame: Columbus Spirit with brushed Llewellyn Stainless Compact lugs.
Fork: 1 1/8″ steerer, 7 deg fork crown in brushed stainless steel, Llewellyn brushed stainless steel dropouts.
Components: Shimano, Fulcrum Wheel set.



Chris’s 29er single speed


Chris likes doing 24hr solo rides as well as running 100kms. He already had two aluminium framed single speeds, one whose wheel kept falling out and would almosT rek himself in the process. No confidence there. And being an American I thought he should have a frame made with True Temper with Paragon Machine Works head tube, bottom bracket and dropouts. For some reason he calls me Jesus.

Frame: True Temper tubing, Paragon Machine Works head tube, bottom bracket, dropouts. Tig welded and fillet brazed construction.
Fork: Rock Shoxs SID
Paint: Powder Coat Satin Black
Components: Sram X9 Cranks, Avid XO Trail, Mavic CROSSMAX Wheel set, Truvativ handlebar and stem, Ritchey Saddle, Sram PC1 Chain.



Scotty’s 29er


Scott is new to mountain biking, though since starting only last year has competed in the Scott 24Hr as a solo rider on a single speed that he borrowed. He did impressively well. This is his first proper mountain bike, so I decked it out with good components so he’ll enjoy riding it. I kept the rear end a little longer than Chris’s as he’s taller and it’d be a little more comfortable on the long rides. He’s into the World Solo 24 Hr champs here in October 2013.

Frame: True Temper tubing, Paragon Machine Works head tube, bottom bracket, dropouts. Tig welded and fillet brazed construction.
Fork: DT SWISS XMM 100 29.
Paint: Powder Coat White with White and red enamel detailing.
Components: Race Face Cranks, Race Face handlebar, stem and seat post, Avid XO Trail Brakes, E13 Scandium Wheel Set, WTB Saddle, Rubena Tyres, Sram PC1 Chain.