“Owning a Fikas isn’t just about owning a customer built, hand crafted bike. It’s more like a relationship. A journey of bike ownership. It took me more than a year of riding to really enjoy my previous bike. Sure it was fast (faster than its rider!), and was a nice bit of dual suspension carbon goodness. But there was always something missing – character. Not so with my Fikas. I was enjoying ownership before it was even built – the discussions about tubing choice, frame geometry, weld types, paint job. Seeing the bike come to life was a unique feeling when all I had ridden to date was mass produced. When I finally rode the bike, I loved every minute of it. Sure the nice components go a long way, but it’s also knowing I’m riding a bike built for me to suit me. And there is the added bonus (smugness?) of knowing that on race day, I’m the only one on a Fikas…unless Luke turns up!”
Eli Hefter

“I love my Green Meanie. Luke took the time to build a really quality machine. The fine work and attention to detail draw many comments from admirers I’m stopped at the lights with. Highly recommended.”
Stuart Partridge


“Lukie builds great bikes, no doubt.”
Scott Rogers


“It feels good, it looks good, I love it and I got what I wanted!”